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Securing of access and video surveillance of Paris water authority sites in the heart of the capital

The objective of this contract is to implement access control, anti-intrusion alarm, and video surveillance systems on Paris water authority sites in the heart of the capital
A project managed by Semeru

A project managed by Semeru

The Novadis access control system is installed on servers at the Paris water authority's central security offices. This centralised system will enable the surveillance of 26 Paris water authority sites. There are two central dedicated access control and anti-intrusion servers in the Walace building and the command and control centre (CCC) enabling data redundancy in terms of security. The exact same architecture has been put in place for video surveillance. Coordinated video surveillance and intrusion detection controls were also set up for reservoir surveillance. A swipe card-operated key cabinet system was also added to the security system. The system allows keys to be made available according to user profiles and rights. The system uses push buttons and different locking systems (panic bars, bolts, motorised locks, contacts, etc.) that serve as the access control points around these doors.

Year of manufacture: 2015-2017

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